gastronomic auberge grand opening 2024 summer



Indulge in exquisite wood-fired cuisine in 
a gastronomic auberge with five rooms located 
at the foot of Mt. Wakakusa in Nara, 
the ancient capital of Japan.

The flame mirrors the intensity of the centuries-old 
"noyaki" ritual (the burning mountain) and 
the sacred, mysterious Shinto ceremonies at 
Kasuga Taisha Shrine.

The fire transforms with temperature, humidity, 
and the moment of cooking, ensuring no ingredient 
is ever cooked over the same flame. Each moment is 
unique—yesterday and today, today and tomorrow— 
distinguishing each cooking experience.

A cuisine that's once-in-a-lifetime and unique to 
each moment.

“Communico" in Latin means sharing. 
VILLA COMMUNICO cherishes the bounty of 
seasonal ingredients provided by like-minded 
producers, meticulously selecting and 
preparing dishes with homegrown herbs and, 
occasionally, game meat or wild river fish.

These materials evoke the rich natural environment 
of Nara. 
We sincerely look forward to sharing the essence of 
Nara with you.


Daiki Horita

Daiki Horita / 堀田 大樹

Born in Nara, Japan in 1982. He moved to Italy in 2005 to acquire skills at Il Sole in Bologna. After returning to Japan, he worked at RISTORANTE CANOVIANO Kyoto, Ristorante i-lunga, among other places. In 2014, Earned French cooking techniques at L’embellier Kyoto and He became the chef at abaroz in 2015. As the owner-chef, he opened communico in 2018 and is scheduled to open VILLA COMMUNICO in the summer of 2024.

He was awarded two toques by Gault et Millau for four consecutive years starting in 2019 and received one star in the Michelin Nara Special Edition in 2022 and 2023.



somewhere in Nara, Japan